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Map services



With the help of this servicethe user is providedwith an interactive mapavailable to his own request . So,by POI ( point of interest ) or other search methods all the objects the user needs ( hotels , restaurants , grocery stores , pharmacies , shopping centers, etc. ) are marked on the map with special icons on the pre-created layers . If you enter an extra element to the selected layer or if you search by an address, contact information,category and so on the icons marked on the map begin to appear. Thishelps to see the overall picture in an interactive map more easily and clearly, according to the user's request.


Note that the necessity of using opportunities of these servicesis already a reality in the geo-marketing field.


For example,you want to openany business object (supermarket,pharmacy, restaurants, hotels, etc.).  For this,the selection of a suitable site is the most important prerequisite. In other words,we offer our customers corresponding interactive maps prepared andcompiled as a result of the analysis of theimportant statistical informationsuch as the number of people living in the area, the availability of the same types of objects ( less,more or lack of) , accessibility ofcompetitive environment .