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Navigation service



 If you’re tired of being for a long time face with the traffic jams,a waste of time, nervous tension, the extra fuel consumption, we propose the navigation service can be the best way. Why our navigation service? That is why:


  1. All information about traffic situation (trafficjams,construction, events, etc.) get from the Intellectual Transport Management Center (ITMC), and these data being analyzed here the optimal alternative route is proposed.
  2. Navigation service alsovocally can be your assistant along the way. Thus, all the warning tips aboutthe radars on the roads, police posts, road signs and other obstacles are delivered loudly and clearly to the attention of the driver.
  3. It is known there are many changes on the roads every day; it is going to repair some roads, some are closed, opened new roads, road signs, speed mode changes, etc... All of these changes are daily followedand updated on a in a service dynamically. The user learns the information about the most important routes with the help of it.
  4. If you have a smartphone navigation service on your phone,looking at your phone screenit can be easily identified the address you are looking for, compared to the cafes, restaurants, cinemas, shopping center around the area.
  5. If it is difficult to maintain the correct direction of movement in complex way nodes, display function provides an opportunity to givethe unambiguously right decision and maneuver. So when approaching the difficult movement area, a realistic description of the maneuvering place appears on the screenand a blinking arrow indicates the direction in which it’s really worthcontinuing.
  6. The visual appearance of the buildings in three-dimensional style gives the opportunity not only to know the area better, but also the ability to become familiar more quickly. The real situation of all the buildingsare reflected, the real picture of the area on the navigator screen is moved closer.