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Tracking services


Thanks to our presented monitoring service you canobtainedcontinuously transmitted information of the vehicle (movement on a fixed route, speed, etc.)at any time. Thus, the device consisted of a complex hardware transmits the collected information to the dispatch center. The information gathered with the help of software will be analyzed, reports arecompiled. The service, as well as on the basis of the global GPS navigation system allows you to solve the following important problems:


  1. The system recording the movement of a vehicle on a fixed routeavoids itfrom going through unintended roads,losing extra time and fuel. So,at any time, dispatchers obtainingexact information on proper movement of vehicle through the appointed roads ensure a more efficient management of the movement.
  2. By the sensors fixed in vehiclesthe speed mode on the wayis controlled, the accident is warned about and the traffic violations are prevented. If the driver is in a dangerous situation, or if the vehicle is attempted to the abduction,the case is transmitted to the control center with the help of voice communication. This, in its turn, increases the safety of transportation and movement.
  3. Drivers discipline and responsibility directly associated with the implementation of the tracking service. It also has a serious impact on improving the quality of service.
  4. As a result of the introduction of this service, from one hand the fuel consumptionreduces, from the other handthere is no need to call incessantly drivers in order to clarify the situation on the road. As a result, you’re able to reduce your communication costs. So, you're connected to the economically advantageous service.